After hearing what went down at the BGC 13 reunion, I am OVER this season. And the first episode hasn’t even aired yet. 


"None of the Bitches in High school liked me."

Anonymous said: i don't love jada but i find britt so annoying just because she kept calling the other girls in the house 'basic' when she was literally the most basic one. she wasn't that cute, she had a shit personality, she wasn't funny, and her clothes weren't cute like girl keep the word 'basic' out your mouth

I’m mad that I kinda agree with you. :(

Anonymous said: Lmao you need to stop using Redd's crying gif, I'm kmsl every time lol. By the way, is BGASB3 really going to happen?

Lmao… I don’t think they’re doing “Bad Girls All Star Battle” anymore.

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Anonymous said: Apparently in the first few rounds of Lo vs Jada Jada won

Didn’t we all watch the same fights? In every fight all Jada do is pull hair and scratch. Loren throws punches. image

Anonymous said: I honestly watched the second part of the reunion expecting people to step back and look at how messy Jada is. Lo was spilling the truth tea about her the whole reunion and these fans still like "Jada da star she da realest!!! She dont back down!!!"

Now you know majority of BGC fans are bias and stupid.

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