whatdidntyouexpect said: Who do you like? Your Top 10BadGirls? (From S6+ . Haven't watched 5-) Since I see you don't like too many FanFavs.

My top 10 Bad Girls from Season 6-12.

  1. Loren (Season 12)
  2. Jonica (Season 12
  3. Tiara (Season 7)
  4. Mehgan (Season 9)
  5. Christina (Season 9)
  6. Wilmarie (Season 6)
  7. Gia (Season 8)
  8. Paula (Season 10)
  9. Char (Season 6)
  10. Jessica (Season 6)

revolved said: Also, thoughts on Raesha lmao. IMO she came in like literally for a week and tried to make herself relevant..... Lmfao

I liked her. I wish she was the earlier replacement other then Dalila. Just so I can know her more and see if I really liked her.

revolved said: Your thoughts on Britt?

I hated how negative and petty she was. Always wanting to fight and argue etc. But, she’s cool for the most part.

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Anonymous said: Do you feel that it's childish that diamond told Aysia to play her roll as a side chick, I mean? If Blu was fucking with Asyia while she was with diamond that doesn't make Diamond no main bitch either?

No. Diamond and Jonica were involved way before Aysia was in the picture. So, Aysia getting involved with Blu makes her (Aysia) the side chick.

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Anonymous said: Lo started a fight with jada when she was being extra and was just being a bitch when jada wanted to start all over

and Jada started a fight with Loren previous to that. So, what’s your point?

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Anonymous said: How do you feel about Camilla vs Natalie

I don’t like Camilla and I don’t like Natalie. So, I don’t really care tbh.

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I mean… Obviously.

platanofiend said: How you feel about Red?

I don’t really care for her.

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