Anonymous said: As you can see, Rocky is a lie. She said she didn't do anything and Sarah touched her shit. But as you can see she dumped water on Sarah and Judi when they were asleep. You were right, she's so overrated at this point. I don't like Sarah that much but she had a right to at least do something. Cause if I was asleep and someone dumped water on me, I would whoop their ass.

Rocky’s getting exposed this season and I fucking love it. image

"Spell Chanel”.


"Can you hurry up? I need to use the pho-."

Anonymous said: the reunion sarah vs gigi wasnt fair though because gigi was standing up which gave her an advantage. the round 1 was fair tho

It was completely fair. If you see a bitch standing up on the couch, why would you fight her? Wait for her to get on the floor THEN swing at her. What Sarah’s weak ass really wanted to do was pull an Erika (season 9’s reunion when she fought juile.) Hence GiGi standing on the couch.

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this bitch stuck a hand and a soap bottle up her ass. 

Anonymous said: Sad that you need to replay the same 5 weak ass hits Gigi threw that left not one mark on Sarah's face. Meanwhile, your wack ass fave had a knot on her forehead and I have yet to see your fave leave damage, not even when she jumps someone hahahahaha.

Oh, shut the fuck up. Those same “weak ass hits” left that big ass bruise on Sarah’s chest that lasted for days. Sarah’s weak ass only connected 3 out 10 times she was swinging. Side note: That “knot” she gave GiGi was gone the next morning. GiGi whooped her ass in the house AND at the reunion. image

Anonymous said: So do you think after this season Bad Girls Club will be canceled?

Nah. “Bad Girls Club” is like the only successful show on Oxygen. BGC ain’t going no where… for now.

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