Ya’ll know she dead.

I ask myself this everyday. Honestly.

x-volantis-x said: Do we know who do Raesha and Dalila replace?

Dalila replaces Redd and Raesha replaces Britt.

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kingcasey said: I saw this on bgcfan4ever's tumblr and I wonder how you feel about this. "Blu's definition of friendship: people who talk shit together, flipflop together and call people out over some stupid shit together." Should I add 'jump together'? Since Raesha pretty much confirmed they did this to Jada at the reunion.

How do I feel about what exactly? I don’t understand what you’re saying about Jonica “Friendship”. First everyone said “Loren and Raesha Jumped Alex the last day” now, everyone is saying the jumping happened at the Reunion…

    There were a few people at the reunion who said there was “No Jumping." Everything is pretty much a rumor at this point. We’ll just have to watch and see what happens.

everyonelovesbacon0421 said: what do you think about Alex? Personally I think she's chill and cool.

Personally, I don’t know… But, on BGC (they way they edit her) I think she’s fake and a follower.

What Is LO Sayin”?