b-a-d-bad said: Is English your first language?


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time2explore said: Alicia didn't run shit at the reunion.. She looked like the ogre, pig bitch, JUMPAHOE that she is. I can see why Val and her ain't tight anymore. Val actually changed while Alicia went into "beast mode" with her weight loss pills. She lost the weight and she still looks a damn mess. She's an embarrassment to BGC

Ummm, okay.

kingcasey said: Don't you think Tanisha is too old for BGC? Even the reunions, like... It's been like 8 years since her season.

Too old? No, not really. All she do is host the reunions now. If she was actually on another season, then yeah. But, I do think someone else should be the host… I kinda understand why Oxygen has her hosting it since she was on “Bad Girls Club”.

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dextr3 said: Sarah is a punk for hitting alicia when she was sitting and while Shelly was yelling at her. But the fans still love her smh

Exactly, and when Tiana did the same thing to Janelle at season 11 Reunion. The fans called her all types of weak…. “BGC fans” gotta love ‘em.